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What are the advantages of using a wedding planner for your marriage on Majorca?

Possible scenario: you love Majorca, have holidayed on this beautiful island several times and now dream of getting married here. Perfect. We at LOOVE can think of no better place to celebrate a wedding! And we are happy to be at your side from the very beginning, so that you can enjoy, free of stress, the happiness of your big day. It is always a good idea to arrange professional help with your planning, especially when getting married abroad. Indeed, it would be almost impossible to organise your dream wedding on Majorca without inside knowledge of the island and a good knowledge of the local language.

Support from the wedding professionals

This is probably the first time that you have had to organise a wedding, so it is quite normal to have gaps in your knowledge and not be able to carry out all the tasks involved. That is why you have professionals like the LOOVE Team at your disposal, to help you with everything from the invitation cards and the search for your dream location to coordinated planning for the day of your wedding on Majorca.

This does not mean that we, as wedding planners, take everything out of your hands and leave you with no chance to put your own stamp on the event. We mainly take on the tasks that you are less likely to want to do for yourself, for which you have little time or which would be difficult to perform remotely from outside the island. These include such items as paperwork and background coordination, and we keep you informed in these respects. During the event itself, we make sure that everything goes smoothly, while dealing with any problems that might arise. 

How early do you need to get in touch?

If a wedding celebration is to go perfectly, a whole series of jigsaw pieces must fit perfectly into place. The sooner you get in touch with us, the more we can puzzle things out together in a relaxed way, with a greater likelihood of all the loose ends coming together as desired. We normally start planning at least one year before the desired wedding date. This amount of advance notice also helps us to secure the best locations and service providers.

What exactly does a wedding planner on Majorca do?

We work with you to design the concept and draw up a schedule, naturally with an eye on your budget. Our preliminary work also saves time and nervousness when it comes to making the right choices (and also disappointment from making the wrong ones), which is unfortunately a common problem with weddings celebrated abroad. The LOOVE Team cherry-picks from the list to give you a choice of the most beautiful locations and the most reliable service providers.

You also benefit from our insider tips on Majorca, our creative ideas and our large network of contacts among local service providers. We are based here on the island, and know from long experience which service providers are professional and reliable. We know who makes the best wedding cakes, and we know which DJs create the best vibe. If someone lets you down at the last minute, we always have a plan “B”. And we know the current market prices, so you won’t have any nasty surprises.

As Majorca’s own wedding planners, we are here to assist.

We are also here to think on you behalf, by relieving you of excess stress, so you can get the most out of the enjoyable parts of the planning. We are of course also there on the actual day of your wedding to keep a discreet eye on everything, and are always available to you and your guests.


Does that sound good? If it does, get in touch for a non-binding consultation on how we can help you with the planning of your Majorca wedding celebration.

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