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Based on the holiday island of Majorca, the LOOVE team can provide everything you need for your dream romantic wedding on the beach, lavish party on the cliffs overlooking the sea or celebration among the vineyards of one of the island’s famous wineries.

We have many years’ experience of working in this fantastic island location, and can guarantee that Majorca is one of the most beautiful places you could choose for your special occasion.

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“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Dr. Seuss


Weddings & Events

Let yourself fall under the spell! Experience magic moments on Majorca, with LOOVE. Celebrate your love, your family and your friends in a unique atmosphere – far, far away from your everyday life. 
We are here to create your dream event on Majorca. High above the cliffs, with views of the sparkling Mediterranean. On a traditional finca property in the country. In a wine bodega. Or at a beach club. 

We love to design celebrations that are just like you. We love to make your dreams come true. And we love this wonderful island – a home that brings us ever more joy each day. We can think of nothing better than to share this joy with you.

Based right here on Majorca, the LOOVE Team is ideally placed to provide the best that the island has to offer. Of course, we also organize weddings in other places – be they elsewhere on the Balearic Islands or wherever you want us to be.

Loove Weddings


Making your dreams come true. Let LOOVE help you celebrate your love, as you enjoy a few fantastic days on Majorca, far away from your daily cares.

Loove Events


Every celebration is an event that lives on in our heart. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or holding a corporate or team-building event, create something designed to delight both you and your guests.

Loove Ambiente

Decoration & Styling

LOOVE’s uniquely imaginative style and our love of and passion for design, along with our know-how and - yes - just a pinch of magic all ensure that your event on Majorca will be one of enchantment.

About Us

We believe in love. It is what makes everything tick at LOOVE. You can feel it from the first moment, as we turn your event on Majorca into enchanting reality.


Are you looking for sparkling sea views? Or do you prefer the vine-draped terrace of an old country finca? Majorca is the home of LOOVE, and we cannot imagine a better place in which to celebrate life’s events.

With Mediterranean flair, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, picturesque sunsets, historic churches, dreamlike locations and much more besides,  getting married on Majorca lets you celebrate a wedding and take a holiday at the same time! With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, this Balearic Island offers bridal couples a virtual guarantee of good weather in which to celebrate their wedding in a wonderful open-air ambience.

Then there is the wide selection of fantastic locations: Whether your plans include a ceremony on the beach or the exclusive setting of a finca, Majorca offers countless dreamlike, stylish backdrops for weddings. Many fincas and other country properties can be rented not only daily, but also on a weekly basis, and they offer overnight accommodation for numerous guests.

Another plus-point for weddings on Majorca is the excellent infrastructure of the island. There are daily flights to Palma de Mallorca from all over the world. Flights are relatively low-cost, and flying times are short. The island languages are Spanish, Catalan and Majorcan, but many local people also speak English or German. 

It is thanks to these advantages that Majorca has become a favourite venue for weddings and other events. In the 2022 marriage season alone, ??? weddings were celebrated on the island Perhaps your wedding will be added soon. We look forward to advising you. Just get in touch!

This is really difficult to answer, as there are countless dreamlike wedding locations on Majorca. As the Balearic Islands are so popular with prospective couples, many locations have become specialised in the celebration of weddings. Accordingly, you can get married not only at event locations, but also in finca hotels, on private country estates, in many beach clubs and at special spots on the island.

Here at LOOVE, we therefore clarify matters before starting the all-important search for the right location for your big day.

How many guests will be celebrating with you on Majorca? The LOOVE Team knows the perfect locations on the island for both small and large weddings, and looks for places where you are guaranteed to feel comfortable.

What is your wedding budget? We are also open and honest with you when it comes to the subject of money. Tell us what your budget is, and we will tell you what is possible with it and suggest cheaper alternatives if necessary.

How would you like to celebrate your wedding? Partying and dancing in the open air until the sun rises are what many newlyweds on Majorca are after, but this is only possible if you choose a venue in an isolated location, as loud music in the open air is prohibited after midnight on Majorca.

LOOVE does not offer fixed-price packages, as we plan each wedding individually. The cost of a wedding on Majorca depends on a multitude of factors, including the number of guests and the nature of your chosen location. As a rough guide, you should budget for between €700 and €800 per guest and day.

For more-precise figures, just talk to us and tell us your wishes, and we will be able to give you a realistic framework amount based on our experience. In the next step, we will draw up a quotation for your wedding planning. This clearly broken-down estimate will give you a detailed idea of what each service costs.

No. Unlike the popular impression, many people on the island speak English or German. But the LOOVE Team also provides translating and interpreting services, and will ensure that everything goes smoothly on your big day.

With their blue skies, white sands and rushing waves, the beaches of Majorca provide a perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding ceremony. However, beach weddings are unfortunately only possible in exceptional circumstances on Majorca. 

The island’s beaches are public, and sections of the sand cannot be cordoned off for private events. 

If you try to conduct a ceremony without permission, you run the risk of it being closed down by the police and of a large fine being imposed. 

Anything happening on a beach will also attract many onlookers, making privacy virtually impossible.

We do however work with selected beach-front hotels on Majorca to make stylish seaside wedding celebrations possible. A tip from the LOOVE team: If you do intend to get married on the beach, plan the wedding for after 6 pm,  as this will minimise the blinding sun and the presence of curious onlookers.

Yes. Catholic and Protestant churches on Majorca are available for weddings. Catholic weddings can only be celebrated in a church, while Protestant weddings on Majorca can also be celebrated in the open air. The island’s Catholic and Protestant communities both have their own priests. As neither is financed from taxes, both churches expect a fee in the form of a donation, normally about €800.

Important: When obtaining the documentation for a church wedding, you should first get in touch with your local parish in your home country. 

A foreign couple can only get married in a registry office if at least one partner has been a resident of Majorca for three months or more. The authorities on Majorca almost never make exceptions to this rule. You should therefore first arrange for a registry office ceremony in your home country before your church or civil wedding on Majorca.

Good weather for your wedding on Majorca is virtually guaranteed. With some three hundred days of sun per year, there is a very good chance that you will be getting married under blue skies. Note however that it can become extremely hot during the summer months. If you intend to celebrate your wedding in July or August, an evening ceremony is recommended. May and June, and also September and October, are ideal for weddings, as these months are usually pleasantly warm, without being too hot.

Majorca is a popular venue for celebrations and events of all kinds, so there are numerous companies throughout this Balearic island where you can hire wedding decorations. However, it makes more sense to discuss these matters with your wedding or event planner first. As specialists based on Majorca, we have good contacts with the island’s best suppliers, and know exactly who has what to offer, and where wedding decorations can be reliably obtained. Leaving this to the professionals will save you time, effort and money.


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