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Celebrating on Majorca - It’s your big day!

Let LOOVE help you to celebrate what makes you tick: your family, your friends, your team. Do you want to go all rock star? Or Boho-chic? Or opulent luxury? Or stark minimalist? Anything is possible! Majorca, with its long list of beautiful locations, always offers the perfect setting for unforgettable celebrations.

From a relaxing supper with friends or a cocktail party and dinner with star chef to a sports-centered incentive for employees, we design – with great passion and attention to detail – events that enchant you away from the daily grind and let you celebrate your zest for life.

The LOOVE Team can organize your event from A to Z, or any of the letters along the way, just as it suits you and how you want.

Private events – family and friends

Would you like to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner in an award-winning restaurant? Or would you prefer to let your hair down with friends at a poolside party, complete with DJ? Or perhaps you intend to hold a big family birthday party around a long table on a country finca, in the shade of the olive trees. Whatever your plans, LOOVE can turn your Majorca celebration into an unforgettable event for you and your guests alike.


The LOOVE Team

  • plans and organises your celebration

  • ensures that your wishes are fulfilled to the letter 

  • guarantees the smooth running of your event

  • is always on hand to answer your questions and offer you practical advice

Enjoy the special light of the Mediterranean, the wonderful ambience and the sea and sun of this dreamlike island, as we organise an event that creates unique memories for you and your guests.

Corporate events and employee incentives

Work under the palm trees. Then, when lunchtime comes round, jump straight into the pool. As the sun sets and the working day ends, enjoy a picnic on the beach. Does that sound good? We think so too! Whether you are considering an employee incentive or business seminar, Majorca is a great place for corporate events. Apart from the beautiful landscape and Mediterranean lifestyle, our favourite island also offers a series of practical advantages, including:

  • Fast, low-cost flights from virtually anywhere in Europe 

  • Excellent, all-round infrastructure

  • Traditional, modern, hip or elegant: the range of accommodation and places to dine is rich and wide

  • Sports, nature and culture: visitors to Majorca really do get their money’s worth

A corporate event on Majorca takes your employees, business partners and customers away from their daily routines to create new perspectives and motivation. We use the special atmosphere of our island to create the perfect blend of work and relaxation, be it at a business lunch or party, or even a yoga retreat, a hillwalking session, horse riding, a scavenger hunt or a sports car rally. 


The in-depth know-how and perfect preparation of the LOOVE Team are your guarantee of a great time on Majorca. We lavish the same attention to detail on the basics as we do on the highlights: 

  • Assistance in your search for the right accommodation

  • The planning of your activities, with all the right arrangements and reservations

  • Organisation of the required transport

  • Accompanying guides

  • Your contact for all queries regarding your event


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