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How do I find a wedding photographer on Majorca?

Unique moments full of love, emotions and magic: wedding pictures capture the special moments of your big day. LOOVE Weddings & Events has XY, the team’s very own photographer. We naturally also have the best contacts to selected wedding photographers. After all, the choice of a photographer who suits you is an essential part of the wedding planning. Check out our key tips and information on how to find “your” wedding photographer on Majorca.

Is the chemistry right?

Wedding photography is not just a matter of knowing the craft and possessing the right equipment. Wedding photographers need to be sensitive. They must also remain relaxed, even under time pressure and ideally bring some skill as an entertainer to the table. After all, they do not just take photos, but are an all-day part of your wedding celebration. Your photographer should heed your wishes and fit in with your style. Always go with your gut feelings. Get to know the photographer personally before your wedding on Majorca, and ask for references.

Find your photographer and book his or her services in good time.

Do not wait too long to find the right photographer on Majorca and make your final choice, as good photographers are normally booked months in advance. As soon as you have established date of your wedding, you need to start making your choice and arrange an appointment to get to know the photographer personally.

Be sure to provide an accurate impression of what you want.

Your wedding photos are supposed to make you happy, so the better you formulate your ideas, the better the photographer’s work will be. Clarifying the details in advance is the basis for ensuring that everything goes smoothly on your wedding day, with no nasty surprises afterwards. You should discuss, among other matters:

  • The desired format: e.g. wedding reportage, portraits and/or a video.
  • The photographer’s presence at the event: i.e. should he/she remain there all day, or just photograph the actual wedding?
  • What equipment is required?
  • How much will the requested services cost?

What is the situation regarding references?

You should of course ideally be able to find a good wedding photographer on the basis of a recommendation from another satisfied couple. You can carry out your initial online research from home, and also see previous work and references, in order to gain a first impression. Important: Make sure that you can view photos from different weddings; a large portfolio indicates ample experience, which is important when it comes to wedding photographers.

Using LOOVE to find your wedding photographer on Majorca

Finding a great wedding photographer on Majorca who suits your style and fulfils your wishes is a challenge that we are happy to accept, and we can support you in your search. As already mentioned, the LOOVE Team has its own photographer, but we also work regularly with a small and select group of other photographers who meet our specifications and who we feel are sure to suit our couples. 

You can of course also book your own photographer, and bring him or her with you to Majorca. Nevertheless, our experience shows that it is a good idea to book a professional who feels at home on the island and is fully familiar with its locations. He or she can clarify with you in advance regarding exactly what images you want, and make preparations accordingly.

You are also welcome to seek inspiration from the images posted on our website. Of one thing we can be sure: we will be able to work together to find on Majorca the best photographer for your needs.

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